Meet the owner

Lauren Howell, the owner of LH Design Co, is a graduate of the Landscape Architecture Program at Colorado State University.
​Lauren has worked at several firms along the front range, and honed her residential design skills at a local Design Built landscape company in Englewood.

LH Design Co crafts designs as unique as its clients.  There are no cookie cutter designs here. Each design is tailored to match your personal style, site needs and budget.


I first met Lauren Howell when the original designer we were working with left the firm to spend more time with her son. I wasn’t extremely satisfied with our original plan, so we welcomed the chance to basically start over. How fortunate for us that Lauren became our new designer. Unlike others we have worked with, Lauren was able to truly plug in to what we envisioned, because she spent time getting to know us, and understanding what our needs were. She seemed to magically know what we would love, and made it seem effortless. For the first time in 30 years, I could genuinely trust my designer. Lauren possesses a genuine care and concern for making her clients happy that is hard to find, and although she is a truly sweet person, she is also very professional, and able to supervise construction with a kind, yet firm hand. All of the contractors clearly respected her, and it was obvious they enjoyed working for her, which created a very positive and productive worksite.

Lauren is not only creative, with a keen eye for beauty, but she is extremely budget conscious, which in my opinion is unusual for such a talented and artistic person. We never had to worry about any tension over the budget; she was very committed to finding the best options to stay within it, and we were very happy with the entire plan. She is extremely knowledgeable about plants, and took into account our special circumstances (for example, we have four dogs), considering the function of the plants and not just the appearance. She met with me many times in person and took the time to learn what colors and textures I prefer, so the plant palette was truly designed just for me. Lauren’s talent goes beyond her extensive knowledge of plants; she has an incredible eye for the entire space, including all the hardscape, and how the house is part of a larger landscape plan. It was hard to recognize my home after her plan was implemented, even though we didn’t do anything to the actual house because everything worked so well together: the gorgeous vintage look pavers, the driveway, the plants and trees, the turf, the deck and pergola, and the stone walkway all looked so beautiful with and including my house.

After 30 years of home ownership, there are surprisingly few people I can recommend without hesitation, and Lauren is definitely one of them.  I would not hesitate to work with Lauren again, and I am happy to speak with anyone considering her for their project.

Silvia Dipman